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Top quotes from the first 35 episodes.

We compiled the top quotes from our first 35 episodes into this one powerfully packed show!

About this Episode

This episode is a compilation of the previous 35 episodes. At the end of each episode we asked this question: "If listeners could only remember one thing from this episode, what is the one thing you would like them to remember?" We took the answers from each episode and created this special and powerful listening experience for you.

This is definitely one to bookmark and listen to every week for months.

As you listen, ask yourself which one of these quotes resonates with you, right now, today.

"What's your one thing?"


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Those quoted on this podcast, in order of appearance.

Erik Lindbergh

"I wish I could have accessed these emotions back then. When you can open yourself to the pain and be with it, that's healing."

Episode 2: Erik's second chance with new knees.

Lyn Lindbergh

"I don't care if you're weird, or strange, or male, or female, or skinny, or fat, or tattooed, or bald, or hairy. I really don't care. I genuinely love people."

Episode 3: Who is Lyn Lindbergh?

Reeve Lindbergh

"I think you have to recognize what's going on with it and make a life around it or you just get stuck."

Episode 6: Auntie Reeve Lindbergh's two lives.

Steve Smith

"I remember thinking, this is not a good deal. I have a lot of life to live need to battle through this."

Episode 4: Astronaut Steve Smith gives the Hubble a second chance.

Erik and Lyn Lindbergh

"All they need is love."

Episode 5: To the graduates who know it all.

Eric Bartsch

"People asked, would you do that again? I'd say yes, but I wouldn't do it twice. There are a lot of opportunities if you are looking for them and are willing to look just a little off the sides of the road."

Episode 7: Flying Cars with Eric Bartsch.

Sally Glenn-Lee

"Everyone noticed something was wrong, but everyone decided not to say anything. I think it's important that when people see something that's not a typical characteristic of a person you need to get to the doctor and look at it beyond just wellness."

Episode 8: Go-go boots and secret service agents with Sally Glenn-Lee

Erik Lindbergh

"It takes awareness of what's operating in your self-talk. If you can be aware of it, you can start to change it. The best growth in my life has been the most challenging."

Episode 9: Erik's memories of Grandfather

Pat Anderson

"The most creative thoughts are after that dead space. This is where you think of the most creative stuff; and those are gone now. You can be plugged in 24/7. What are you loosing? It could be interesting to force people to be bored for a little bit and then see what comes out on the other end."

Episode 10: Creating the future of flight with Dr. Pat Anderson.

Hal Bryan

"Flying is one of a hand-full of activities that literally gives you a different perspective. There's more to the world than the stress of right-now."

Episode 11: The magic of simply showing up with Hal Bryan

Frances Levine

"History is not just names and dates. History gives you opportunity for perspective. I don't think you can have compassion without perspective or understanding the times in which people lived; the decisions they had to make."

Lyn Lindbergh

"Pause and really pay attention to the self-talk in your mind. Is there an opportunity to shift the self-talk from "I can't because, to I can and this is why."

Episode 16: Could your self-talk be hurting you?

Lee Berger

"There are things to discover; you just aren't seeing them. You must train yourself to be ready to see them when they arrive. Be prepared to see and take advantage of the opportunity when it comes your way."

Episode 17: The world's greatest treasure hunt with Dr. Lee Berger.

Arlene Bronzaft

"That's what keeps me going. When I make a presentation it may be to an audience that doesn't want to listen to me and finds what I'm saying offensive because of what they do. That doesn't stop me because I know I have data on my side."

Episode 18: Why Noice matters with Dr. Arline Bronzaft.

Janine Shepherd

"Love the hills. The hills are the challenges they face. You know what your hill is. Turn towards the hill because the magic happens on the other side of that hill."

Episode 19: Face the Hills with Janine Shepherd.

Scott D. Baker

"The environment is the most important thing. Without an ecosystem there will be no humans. Although we can manipulate the environment to an amazing degree, I really think that if we get lucky and get to go to another planet, it will only be because we saved this one."

Episode 20: Scott D. Baker the Tree Undertaker.

Jonathon Bach

"It's worthy to try to figure out where you'll summon the courage to do this. Maybe it's just an illusion, maybe it's not a big dragon, maybe it's just a little kitten."

Episode 21: Debugging your family code with Jonathan Bach.

Erik Lindbergh

"Go for it. You may not finish it [art] but it's more important to start."

Episode 22: Why you need to dust off your art supplies.

Fred Bruner

"Water is the #1 thing, then food, then shelter."

Episode 23: Natural Disasters! How to be ready today.

Scott James

"Act this afternoon and start by thinking through what your water solution is."

Episode 23: Natural Disasters! How to be ready today.

Peter Diamandis

"The world's biggest problems are the world's biggest business opportunities. We are more empowered to solve problems than any time in history."

Episode 24: Peter Diamandis launches XPRIZE.

Anousheh Ansari

"Imagine. Be the Change. Inspire. It's a good way to live a life."

Episode 25: Anousheh Ansari, CEO XPRIZE.

Jyotika Virmani

"If there is something you want to do, just stay positive and preserve. Just keep going."

Episode 26: Planet and Environment at XPRIZE.

Emily Musil Church

"Believe and hope that we can build a positive future. Listen to voices around you that may not be the traditional voices. Be open, and take action."

Episode 27: Global Learning XPRIZE.

Beth Stanton

"If I could do this, I could do anything. This is a wonderful piece of knowledge that clicked in. I wouldn't have known that if I didn't go for it."

Episode 28: Keep Saying Yes.

Gregg Maryniak

"If you challenge people to difficult meaningful problems, they'll find the solution. Small teams of talented people can do amazing things and that gives me a lot of hope."

Episode 30: Ditch and Egress Training with Erik.

Corey Mohn

"Be true to who you are. Be okay with being yourself, live your dream and then do everything in your power to chase after your dream."

Episode 29: Blue Valley CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies.)

Jerry Michalski

"Trust is the way forward. We need to find a way back to figure out how to trust one another. Not just in the circles of people we like, but also in the circles of people we fear."

Episode 31: Designing from Trust.

Bob Conte and Kristina Lindbergh

"What's important always is to be kind. Human relationships. Dogs. Communion with others. Nature. The world is what we have; the world with people in it. That's it. Laughter and music. All the things that make us human are really important. And they don't go away if you loose your mobility or are suffering in some way. Life is still out there."

Episode 32: Harmonicas, HBO, and Four-Wheeling.

Sean Womack

"If we were all way more curious about one another I think it would not only help us understand one another but it would help the other person understand themselves themselves. Because it's really hard to see yourself unless you have a mirror."

Episode 34: Love, Reconciliation, and Emotions.

Granny Barbie

"Go with the flow. As the old philosopher said, there isn't any trouble in the world that will not be alleviated by a nice cup of tea."

Episode 36: Top Quotes from the first 35 Episodes.

Erik and Lyn Lindbergh

"Breathe deep. The end is coming. You're going to die. Everyone processes death and dying differently and it's okay. Take a deep breath and fly high with the altitude you have because pretty soon you are going to be nourishing a tree."

Episode 35: Composting Humans

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