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Emily Musil Church - Global Learning XPRIZE

The amazing work that is being done by XPRIZE to help unlock the power of people through education and ensure all have the opportunity to learn.

About this Episode

In this episode we meet Emily Musil Church Director of Prize Operations for Global Learning XPRIZE, Emily shares the amazing work that is being done to help ensure all humans on the planet can gain a basic education.

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Some of our favorite quotes

250,000,000 children on the globe who can't read, write or do basic math.

It's an unacceptable number of minds and future talent that could solve all kinds of problems.

This is a challenge we can solve. We have the technology; we have the ability to solve it.

When you are engaged, when you are curious, and when you can relate it to something that matters; that's when people can really ignite and get excited to learn.

The whole time we thought, this could implode at any time.

The drop out rate was virtually zero, they asked for more, and the parents used it after the kids went to bed.

If you can see it, you can be it.

Believe an hope that you can build a positive future. Technology can be harnessed and you can build a beautiful future that is more sustainable and more equatable than ever before.

Ideas can come from anywhere. You might have the answer. Somebody else might have the answer. Be open and take action.

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