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Natural Disasters! How to be ready today.

FEMA recommends everyone be prepared to shelter in place for a minimum of two weeks. Are you ready?

About this Episode

Scott James and Fred Bruner are the co-founders of ReadyPod, the world's first true Shelter-in-Place kit designed to take care of you and your family directly after a natural disaster. Scott wrote the book on community preparedness and Fred is a former CIA Officer. Together they created the most comprehensive and easiest to use kits.

Some of our favorite quotes

Lyn: I was wondering if Fred was your pseudo name. Fred: No, it's my true name.

Scott: I'm on my second, second, second, second, second, second chance.

Scott: When a major earthquake hits, life becomes very hyper local very quickly. Even if you have an evacuation plan, you may not be able to implement that plan for several weeks or months.

Fred: I'm extremely sympathetic of people who say its too much to figure out.

Scott: Most assuredly, most of your neighbors won't be prepared, and when they show up at your front door hungry and disoriented because they're dehydrated, you won't want to turn them away. They are your neighbors.

Fred: A critical part of being able to survive in a resilient fashion after a major traumatic event is addressing the emotional needs of all of the people affected in that event. Kids. Parents. Everyone.

Scott: This is the emergency kit you get if you put Jack Ryan of the CIA in the same room as Fred Rogers.

Fred: The guide book is designed to show you exactly how to use the entire kit [including] what you do immediately after an earthquake when your brain isn't thinking straight. You literally go to our tear-proof water-proof book, open up to the red section and it tells you what to do.

Fred: We've got a great first aid kit with a terrific book that basically turns any sentient human being into their own medical doctor if you follow the directions. Lyn: Stitches and? Fred: Yes stitches, [and] extracting teeth. Lyn: (Gasps) Fred: It's great. Lyn: Not sure if "great" is the word I'd use. Erik: Don't need a dentist anymore! Fred: Honey, I need a tooth pulled. Get out the multi-tool!

Scott: Restrooms. We found products from nine companies and [created] a system that lets you use the restroom in comfort, and sort-of in style. And we have a privacy tent that pops on top of it.

Scott: If you don't have toilet paper, there's no second chance. Lyn: More toilet paper!

Erik: I need a frisbee in my emergency kit. I majored in frisbee in college.

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Scott James and Fred Bruner, co-founders of ReadyPod
Scott James and Fred Bruner, co-founders of ReadyPod

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