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Why you need to dust off your art supplies.

You've dabbled in art and sometimes even miss it. Here's why you must pull out those art supplies again.

About this Episode

Erik and Lyn share a slice of life about how art has influenced the trajectory of their life opportunities.

Some of our favorite quotes

Have the courage to make a cut that will either ruin it or make it. ~Erik Lindbergh
Where would you be today if art was not a part of your life? ~Lyn Lindbergh
There's something about the flow and creativity that at least in my life has lead to the most amazing breakthroughs and to this day gives me a release from the tension of business and being an entrepreneur. ~Erik Lindbergh
Really? You'll let me paint one of your rockets? ~Lyn Lindbergh
Finally, an episode that's not about airplanes! ~Lyn Lindbergh

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About the Guests

This podcast was created by Lyn and Erik Lindbergh.

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