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Award winning author, creator of COUCH to ACTIVE, and host of the COUCH to ACTIVE podcast.

Don't let Lyn's charm and silly humor deceive you. She's a velvet hammer who is on a mission to help people exercise more when life gets in their way. She founded COUCH to ACTIVE in 2016 and has grown it to an international audience with a coaching program, award winning book, and the COUCH to ACTIVE podcast.

Lyn the author

Frustrated from 20 years in corporate leadership roles, in 2018 she pivoted and self-published her first book COUCH to ACTIVE. It quickly won a best book awards finalist title against traditionally published books.

Lyn the podcast host.

When Lyn announced she was launching a podcast, I wasn’t sure how that would help sell her books and why people are such huge fans of the media. Her podcast, COUCH to ACTIVE started quietly, but is now growing exponentially! How lucky am I that her wicked technical skills earned during her AudioOn startup business (a great second chance story) is now put to use as the producer of our podcast.

The heart of Lyn.

Lyn is an extrovert that drags me away from the farm and thrives meeting thousands of people each year by my side at aerospace events. She finds people fascinating and is genuinely curious about what motivates people. I can get tired and overwhelmed by people, but she sees value in every single human. I love this about Lyn.

But, if you want to quickly annoy Lyn, simply stick to small talk or loudly speak over or interrupt conversations. This is a guaranteed way to lose her respect in a hurry.

What Lyn believes about second chances.

Lyn's believes strongly that most of us try too hard to find a perfect life laid with roses, rainbows, and unicorns. When friends confide in an issue, I hear Lyn remind them that life is messy and sometimes it's downright hard. But this doesn't mean life is wrong, or bad, or good. It just is.

~ Erik Lindbergh

~ by Erik Lindbergh.

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