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Anousheh Ansari, CEO XPRIZE.

The amazing work that is being done by XPRIZE to help fix many of the grand challenges facing humanity today.

About this Episode

In this episode CEO of the XPRIZE foundation, Anousheh Ansari shares the amazing work that is being done to help fix many of the grand challenges facing humanity today. Enjoy this fun episode.

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Some of our favorite quotes

Anousheh: Imagine, be the change, inspire.

Anousheh: The sentiment of being able to fix something that is broken, and help a billion people, it's powerful.

Anousheh: We found the formula of how to activate, incentivize, excite and inspire people out there and empower them to find solutions and implements solutions. We are just the catalyst for that.

Anousheh: One you understand the problem and what needs to be solved, then finding the solution is easier.

Erik: Even in our failures, we learn.

Anousheh: Youth empowerment and diversity are very important to me. Having been around the world several times and talking to people I know that as adults we are very entrenched in our way of thinking and shifting that way of thinking is difficult. I've also seen how young people are connected. In the age of digital world they are so smart and they know so much more than we do. I felt that we are not giving them the platform and what they need to make the changes that we need to. So youth empowerment has been at the core of my work.

Anousheh: A lot of our jobs may not exist in the future. We need to look at society in general and how we define ourselves. What will give us value and purpose? If we want to value something and work is not the right measure because we aren't doing the work, machines would, then how would we value something we do? Is is our intellectual contribution? Our artistic contribution? We are at an importan t part in history where we need to answer these questions.

Lyn: A lot of people are saying the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Anousheh: We're not going to let it happen.

Anousheh: At the end of the day we want to solve the problems. The only way to solve the problems is to take the solutions and get them to market. Lyn: You're right, because once we have the solution, if nobody has the solution, then we don't have the solutions.

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