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Season 1 Finale

the lindberghs season one finale

About this Episode

Hi folks, it's Lyn here.

This is our 50th episode.

It's our season finale.

This episode also launches on Mother's day, the 73rd Anniversary of Charles Lindberghs 1927 flight from New York to Paris, the one year anniversary of when Erik and I launched this podcast, and it all falls in the middle of a global pandemic.


Our world has so many unknowns. I'm not referring to the preverbal world of Erik and my immediate connections and future, but the literal world which is our shared planet. How should Erik and I address all of this in this episode? How do we close out season one of our podcast in a manner that honors this stark reality for all an my hopes and fears of where we might be when season two resumes?

So, my friends this is a truly special episode.

Erik and I each share which episode has personally impacted our lives the most. Then we take a turns sharing which episode we want you to listen to right now.

Until season two...

Love you more!


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the lindberghs season one finale. image of erik and lyn
of all 50 episodes, which one does lyn want you to listen to?
of all 50 episodes, which one does erik want you to listen to?
can you guess what episode impacted lyn the most in her personal life?
can you guess what episode impacted erik the most in her personal life?
season one finale of the lindbergh podcast

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About Erik and Lyn Lindbergh

Erik and Lyn are the co-hosts of The Lindberghs Podcast.

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the lindberghs seasone one finale


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