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Jyotika Virmani, Exec Director Planet and Environment at XPRIZE.

The amazing work that is being done by XPRIZE to help unlock the power of the ocean and keep it thriving for generations to come.

About this Episode

In this episode we meet Jyotika Virmani, Executive Director of Prize Operations for the Planet and Environment at XPRIZE, Jyotika shares the amazing work that is being done to help fix many of the grand challenges facing our oceans and the surprises that come along with the journey.

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Some of our favorite quotes

In order to make something healthy you need to have some kind of value to it. In order to value something, you need to understand it.
Only 5-7% of our ocean floor is mapped with high-resolution. We have better maps of the moon and Mars. We really have very little knowledge of our earth.
The mid Atlantic ridge is the largest mountain range on the planet but we can't see it because it's under water.

There are millions of shipwrecks that can teach us so much about our history.

We don't know what's right around the corner (in the ocean) that need protected because we don't know it's there.

We actually nicked-named it the Underwater Smart Sniffer.

Our XPRIZE initiatives are audacious and grand. In order to meet that, the test needs to be just as audacious and grand.

I remember thinking, okay we're doomed. But then sitting in LA traffic it hit me, we could do it another way.

Round one they had to get down to 2,000 meters below sea level and take 100 square meters of high-resolution images of the sea floor at that depth.

Every day we were scouring the news and internet to see if they had survived.

Prior to the competition mapping the ocean floor was going to take 200 - 600 years. Our goal was to prove it could be done by the year 2023.

I learned how to get over jet lag in just a few hours.

About 30 patents have emerged from this.

Although we run these competitions with multi-million dollar prizes, we are a non profit.

So there I was running around Greece at 7:30 pm trying to figure out how do I get my hands on 1,000 euro in cash when the ATM will only give me 250 a day.

If there's something you want to do, stay positive and persevere.

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