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Keep saying yes. Beth Stanton

It doesn't matter if you don't fit the stereotype. You can still say yes to what brings you alive.

About this Episode

In this episode we meet Beth Stanton, an aviator who broke through her own limits went out and did something she wanted to do even though she didn't fit the typical stereotype of who does aerobatic flying.

Some of our favorite quotes

I literally woke up one day and said it would be cool to fly a helicopter. So I went online and googled, How to learn how to fly a helicopter.

How do you know when a pilot enters the room? They tell you!

I was forced to do all of the things I thought I couldn't do.

Less than 6% of pilots are women.

People are excited to see women in aviation.

If you see a couple around an airplane, please don't assume the man is the pilot.

I look for the day when we are no longer called women-pilots, we are just pilots.

I was compelled beyond any rational thought.

You have to own it and put it out there in the world; that's where the magic starts to happen.

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Watch Beth fly aerobatics in the experimental Lazer