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Going Stir Crazy with Erik and Lyn.

About this Episode

Hi folks, it's Lyn here.

Oh wow, deep breath in.

It's April 26, 2020 and most of us are more than six weeks into the COVID-19 quarantine.

I'm weary of everyone telling me to take care of myself, yet I know I need to. I'm sick of self-help gurus guilting me into thinking I should emerge from this quarantine as if I am a butterfly who's emerging from a cozy cocoon.

The world is flipped on its head and any attempt to ignore this reality feels tone deaf.

So, I approached Erik about this week's episode and said, "Hey honey, we need to chill out and with this episode let's invite our listeners to pretend they are visiting us in our living room."

We wanted you to feel less alone.

With the microphones in front of us and our puppy Nanu at our feet we shared what was on our hearts, what was making us stir crazy, what has triggered us to feel, tired, shamed, joy, and compassion in these weeks. Then I predicted how it will all pan out over the remainder of 2020.

When the time is right, we'll resume our regular programming, but for today I hope you enjoy your time with us in The Lindbergh's living room.

Hugs to you all!


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Erik and Lyn Lindbergh are the hosts of The Lindberghs Podcast.

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