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Artist, adventurer, President of VerdeGo Aero, and grandson of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh find himself disabled as a young man.

Erik Lindbergh is the most genuine down-to-earth man you will ever meet. His many talents and passions are informed and inspired by the second chances he’s had in his life.

Erik the artist.

Erik's art started taking shape when his rheumatoid arthritis had stripped away his ability to work, ski and hike. Creating his wood and bronze sculptures and furniture have actually sparked some of his greatest adventures, work, and relationships. Funny how that works…

Erik the adventurer – Escape From Gravity.

In his relentless pursuit to escape from the gravity of life, Erik coalesced a group he calls "Old Guys Rockin." They may be old, but they're still rockin' it! His double-knee replacements and rheumatoid arthritis leave him wondering if each ski season will be his last. This fuels his passion for staying in shape and making the most of every season.

Erik influencing aerospace and aviation.

Erik has a long history of pushing the aerospace and aviation industries to be cleaner, quieter and more sustainable. He is currently the President of VerdeGo Aero, Chairman of the Board for the Lindbergh Foundation, and serves on the board of trustees of the XPRIZE Foundation

What Erik believes about second chances.

Erik is passionate about taking advantage of the second chance he received with his physical life and living it to its fullest. He lost it once and doesn't know if he’ll get a third chance in his life. He believes that failures are just stepping stones to learn and strengthen us for the adventures ahead.

Erik's biggest backcountry climbing day ever. Trophy Mountain, British Columbia.

A walnut bench he made from nine pieces of wood. This bench took him about ten years to make.

Erik's first trip to France and he flew by himself. This is him landing at Le Bourget airport after flying solo for 17 hours in the single engine New Spirit of St. Louis from New York to Paris. (2002)

~ by Lyn Lindbergh

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