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Go-go boots and secret service agents with Sally Glenn-Lee

A trendsetter of Southwest airlines in the 1960's represented women of that era.

Sally Glenn-Lee tells her amazing story of her life in aviation and her survival of a massive brain tumor. Please enjoy this journey of life with us and Sally.

About Sally Glenn-Lee

Text and images below are courtesy of Tom and Sally Lee.

As a young girl, Sally grew up in the farmlands of Southern Illinois. Her Dad owned a Piper Cub that was parked in the barn. Sally loved to ride in that airplane!

While at Vincennes University, Sally hosted campus guests including Edgar Whitcomb, Governor of Indiana. Sally’s hopes were dashed one day when she went to a job interview at an airline office at Indianapolis Airport & discovered the actual job was on the East Coast.

Quite by coincidence, just after that job interview, Sally bumped into Governor Whitcomb at the airport who asked her why she seemed so sad. When Sally told him what had happened, he said “Let me see what I can do to help!” He called Purdue Airlines and mentioned Sally’s situation. They invited her to come over, loved her and offered Sally her first job in the airline industry.

Sally was on the original team that started Southwest Airlines. She is pictured (upper left) standing at the bottom of the Airstairs, a product built by her husband Thomas’ company. She was the President of the very first class of Flight Attendants (above in front row at far right).

Sally was a trendsetter at Southwest. Here she is pictured at left in their world famous “go-go” boots and mini-skirt.

As Miss Transportation in Texas, Sally represented Southwest Airlines on local television shows.

As a representative of various airlines, Sally went to local events that included super star golfers such as Arnold Palmer (left) and Perry Como (below- "Perry" was an American singer and television personality. During a career spanning more than half a century, he recorded exclusively for RCA Victor for 44 years after signing with the label in 1943)

Sally was selected by Southwest to be on the very first promotional poster ever wearing a Jane Fonda wig.

Sally helped train Hugh Hefner’s specially selected Playboy “Bunnies” to become flight attendants

Sally thought it was thrilling to create a new class of service coined in the industry as “Regent Class”. This gave her the opportunity to create a new meal service with a young Wolfgang Puck and introduce inflight cosmetology, secretarial and onboard Chefs for celebrity clientele.

Sally spent a significant portion of her career training people including commercial airline flight attendants & corporate flight attendants. At Thomson CSF, Sally was specifically hired to be the voice of the airlines inside the Marketing, Manufacturing and setup process at customers including British Airways and Delta.

While at Thomson CSF, Sally conceived, developed and marketed the world’s first self-paced door trainer known in the industry as Intellidoor. She also lobbied Thomson to create modular training devices that saved substantial manufacturing and operational costs.

At TranStar (Muse Air) and other airlines, Sally had the opportunity to directly negotiate flight attendant contracts representing management.

Sally is particularly well known for participating in start up operations. She was the Director Inflight at Braniff. Her responsibilities have included catering, contract negotiations, recruiting, fuel management, etc. at start-ups such as Regent Air (that subsequently became MGM Grand), Hawaii Express and Muse.

Sally & her husband on US 787 Inaugural flight with United Airlines CEO, Jeff Smisek.

Sally with Reeve Lindbergh, Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s daughter, Erik Lindbergh's aunt (popdcast episode 6). Sally helped organize the 90th Anniversary Dinner at the Explorer’s Club in New York City celebrating the historic solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean of Charles Lindbergh in the Spirit of St Louis in May 1927.


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