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Corey Mohn, Blue Valley CAPS.

Are you concerned about the state of our High School? Does it feel like there's no way education can change fast enough to keep pace with industry needs?

About this Episode

While making changes to our public school systems is cumbersome at best, Corey Mohn directs an amazing Center for Advanced Professional Studies that is quickly becoming a global model for a way we can prepare our kids for the world they will graduate into.

Corey also shares his second chance story of how his anxiety disorder threatened to take him down, what he did about it, and how he uses it to help the students in his schools.

Some of our favorite quotes

We go where students lead us.

You have to allow students to tap into what they truly care about.

A boss doesn't come in and say "Answer these multiple choice questions so I can make sure your content knowledge is where it is supposed to be.

I haven't once in my life been asked what my GPA was in High School, yet we have such a high focus on grade orientation which is driven by top down methods of drill-and-kill on content and we have students really panicked about getting an A instead of a B, or a B instead of a C; when in reality we know at our age that it doesn't really matter.

Kids say, I want to be treated like an adult. And they all give the same example, "I want to go to the restroom without having to ask permission."

We can't treat kids like they are widgets in a system.

How many innovators do we know about that are completely changing the world and doing amazing things that had horrific school experiences? I'd say more often than not.

We have been measuring compliance rather than true success.

I want bonus points for working Montpelier into a podcast.

We live in a culture that makes it difficult for people to be vulnerable and share their stories, especially men.

There's a difference between a job and a purpose.

Please don't feel shame around getting help.

Be true to who you are. Be yourself. Be all of who you are. Own it. Be perfectly imperfect. Be comfortable in your own skin. Live your dream. This makes the world a better place for all.

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