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Scott D. Baker the Tree Undertaker

A tribute to the million decisions in life.

About this Episode

Scott D. Baker is an old-guy-rockin' who's living an amazing life as a master arborist. Please follow along in the show notes below as you listen.

Some of our favorite quotes

He was a rich guy, but he was really cool.
Lyn: You're not an old white guy? Scott: I am now.
Never drink out of a yellow water bottle.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a master manipulator of trees.
I try to provide science-based factual advice to help them make their decisions.
People call Alaska cedars cedars , but those aren't cedars either.
Scott: I'm not a tree huger. Lyn: What do you mean? You're totally a tree hugger.
Try to stay cognizant of other people's situations.
Tree pruning is a million decisions. You've got to make decision after decision after decision, and they're irrevocable. So it's kind of like changes in life. When you do make a big change you can't usually turn back. You have to go with it.
The environment is the most important thing. Without an ecosystem there will be no humans. If we get lucky and get to go to another plant, it will only be because we preserved this one.

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Erik and Scott D. Baker during our interview.