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Malignant Disinformation with Dr. Eric Rasmussen.

Can you guess if Erik or Lyn like New Year's Resolutions?

About this Episode

Dr. Eric Rasmussen and the Lindberghs have an enlightening conversation about the global spread of malignant disinformation and what we can to help ensure we are not contributing to the issue.

Some of our favorite quotes

It's really important we don't stuff ourselves into a bubble. This makes us vulnerable to disinformation. (Erik)

Infinitum Humanitarian Systems studies the impact of false information on the American electorate. Not just 2016, but what has happened for decades and recent events that have changed the dynamic of spreading false information. (Dr. Rasmussen)

The information being presented is either not true, or it is spun in such a way that only a small portion of the truth is reflected. And that can make people close gaps that are actually inaccurate as they guess at what the real meaning might be. And there are those that are deliberately trying to dismantle some of the most valuable institutions we put together as a result of the devastation, the cataclysm, that was World Wars One and Two (example: NATO). (Dr. Rasmussen)

Russia alone in WWII lost 20,000,000 people.

According to Sun Tzu, if you can't win a war peer-to-peer a way you can win without fighting is to make your enemy subdue themselves. That is a lot of what information warfare is all about.

There's very good evidence that if you hear something over and over again, no matter how ridiculous or how many times it's debunked, it begins to take a life of it's own in your mind.

If someone manages to position the messaging that is picked up by someone who wants to believe it is true, and then he/she echos it as a real person, then you now have a useful idiot (UI), that's an actual term. A useful idiot is someone who may have all kinds of reasons to want to look smart and in touch.

A useful idiot is the person who serves as the credibility and legitimacy for a (fake) story.

Active measures used in digital-warfare. 1. Find the cracks. 2. Say a big lie... 3. ...with a kernel of Truth. 4. Conceal your hand (and cover your tracks) 5. The Useful Idiot 6. Deny, Deny, Deny 7. The Long Game

Last night, I listened to both MSNBC and then turned over and listened to FOX. I tried to give them equal time. They are two different universes, not even planets, not even galaxies, they are two different universes. They are not agreeing on the same set of facts, never-mind what conclusions to draw from those facts. That makes it very difficult to have a conversation or to establish trust. (Dr. Rasmussen)

You had Michalski on here. The concepts of trust is now becoming foreign. No matter what topic you choose it's going to be a hot-button for someone. (Dr. Rasmussen)

About 12 - 14% of Instagram accounts are bots.

There are bots all over the globe tweeting, and messaging things you are likely to be emotional about. It causes you to be upset and angry and feeling the need to tell all of your friends. Hence, the useful idiot.

The largest political party is not Democrat or Republican, it's the "Non Voting" party.

You shmuck!

When was the last time you changed your mind about something important? (Chris)