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Arvind Iyer - The Lindbergh Foundation

About this Episode

Hi folks, it's Lyn here.

When I met Erik, I knew of Charles Lindbergh the Aviator, but being in high-tech and healthcare I had not yet learned about all the good Charles brought to preserve our environment after the historic flight.

Here's a couple of the biggest highlights. Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh were passionate about the preservation of the environment as new technologies emerged. As the two flew around the globe the couple could see the impact industry had on nature. They wanted to ensure that technology and nature could co-exist.

When Charles Lindbergh passed, his friends wanted to carry on Charles' passion for preserving the environment. The Lindbergh Foundation was founded over 40 years ago by folks including Neil Armstrong and Jimmy DoLittle.

Today we meet Arvind Iyer, the current Executive Director of the Lindbergh Foundation. Arvid will be the chair who is seeing this foundation to the 100th Anniversary of Charles' famous flight in 2027. There are opportunities to join the foundation now to help our globe celebrate on how far we have come, and be strategic about the direction we are headed.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with Erik and Arvind.



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