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Barry Schiff - Flying Then and Now

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About this Episode

Hi friends, it's Lyn.

Erik and I recently had an extraordinary opportunity to talk with someone who has been in aviation his entire life, flown more than most, and is an award winning journalist who has covered aviation for over 30 years.

Barry Schiff is the perfect compliment to last week's episode because he is able to speak from the perspective of multiple generations. He has seen how aviation has changed and how culture around aviation has also grown and changed for both the good and the bad.

I hope you enjoy this special episode with Barry Schiff.



Our Favorite Quotes from this Episode

You know what they say, "History is myth agreed upon."


Back in my day he [Charles Lindbergh] was a hero and he inspired a generation, or two, or three to fly.


I look upon your grandfather as the man who opened the skies and pioneered aviation. If he made mistakes here or there in other arenas, frankly I don't care.


GPS has revolutionized flying. Pilots used to get get lost. This doesn't happen anymore. In a way I feel sorry for people learning to fly today. They don't get lost. We used to have these wonderful techniques where if we got lost we'd simply land at the nearest airport and we wouldn't ask where we were because that would be embarrassing. We'd simply fill out the form and look at the receipt to see where we were.


I don't think the pilots today are experiencing the adventure of flying before the days of GPS. GPS makes it too easy.


Using a compass and a clock to get from point A to B; there's a satisfaction getting there. You don't get the same satisfaction following a red line on a display.


Progress can't be denied.


I think people should be self-motivated to fly.


Honor your country and the flag.