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Jon Lindbergh

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Jon Lindbergh in diving suit in water

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About this Episode

Hi friends, it's Lyn.

This summer of 2021 Erik's father, Jon Lindbergh passed away. Jon was the oldest surviving child of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Anne was pregnant with Jon when they lost their first born, Charles Junior.

In this episode Erik and I sat down together in our studio and talked about Jon, what it was like for Erik to be his son, and how it informed who Erik is today. I'm proud of my hubby Erik for taking on this episode.

This is a special recording. Erik and I twice tried to record this episode over the past couple of months but the timing wasn't right, there was still much process and grieve. We once even sat in front of the microphones, took a deep breath, and then abandoned the recording. Erik understandably wasn't ready. This week, the timing was right and Erik was ready to share. At the end of the recording we added a couple of clips of Jon Lindbergh sharing his favorite childhood memories. It is difficult for us to hear Jon's voice with his loss still so new and raw, but we wanted to share these voice clips to help keep his memory alive.

I hope this episode brings you hope and healing among the parent-child relationships in your life.



Our Favorite Quotes from this Episode

It was still bubbling and burbling and it comes and goes in waves. You feel great and then it hits you again.


How to we navigate this stuff? It's painful no matter how you look at it.


I'm a glass half full kind of guy.


Keep talking to them [your children] because they may act like they are not listening, but they are.


I have compassion for him [Jon Lindbergh] because he grew up in very different circumstances. He was always loving, but awkward.


My dad, Larry Sanstrum, family was his life. Family was what he loved and thrived in. Family was his priority. Whenever I came home, Dad would stop everything he was doing and talk with me.


It was sort of a right of passage with my Dad when you could go on the high-hunt in the North Cascades. It was a bonding and empowering experience we had over the years. This is what we did.