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Season Three Finale - Civics, Politics, and The Wool Face Mask Debate

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Season three of the Lindberghs Podcast is made possible by:

Listening Skills: The most powerful way to connect with others.

About this Episode

Hi there friends, it's Lyn.

As I close out Season 3 of The Lindberghs Podcast I find myself drifting back to Spring of 2019 when we first started talking about bringing this show to you. Erik, the eternal optimist who is first in line to say anything can be done said, "No way...that's way too much work for a hobby." Me, the project manager by trade who can pull out an Excel sheet rapid-fire list every obstacle to success said, "Heck yea, we've gotta do this!"

Friends, this was Spring of 2019. In Season One we were on a tra-la-la dance through the 40 episodes produced that season. We brought in amazing discussions about our world, aviation, Charles Lindbergh, and even produced an XPRIZE mini-series. I learned that I was actually a really great interviewer. Erik cried online - twice. I had the moves like Jaggar.

We were flying high. Then blammo: 2020. How could I continue to produce uplifting podcasts in Season 2 without sounding tone-deaf? Where would we find guests when the events we normally attended had vaporized? And how do we keep funding this hobby when most of our work and speaking engagements were postponed until 2021. Cancel-culture had arrived in full-force. How could we continue to be true to ourselves without fear of being cancelled?

In other words, what the heck should I do with Season Two?

I decided to call baloney-bunk on all of the swirl, not live in fear, and instead surf this wave of 2020 together with you. We started by dedicating an entire episode to listening skills because it seemed the world had completely forgotten how to listen. Then Erik and I came on and talked about our experiences in quarantine, the US Presidential Elections, and at one point took to drinking while recording. I remember one episode where Erik said, "We are doing good" and I quickly piped up, "No, I'm not good. I'm struggling. The isolation is killing me."

In comes Season 3. We are still in isolation with hints of the skies parting. We are somewhat back to normal but have this sense that normal no longer is relevant. Our episodes are a bit of an unbuckled road trip where we forgot our map at the gas station. One episode is about a man conquering world records, while another episodes is about me struggling with health issues and my struggle to get off a perspiration medication. Another episode highlights the very cool VeriJet company, while another talks of Pain and what our guests call The Great Ache.

My lesson, sometimes the best adventures can be unplanned.

I am so grateful for this podcast and all of the connections and friends I have made. Yes, I'm talking about you! Our guests and our listeners give me more than I've ever given back. I smile more, I reflect more, I am reminded that I am not alone. For that, I'm forever grateful.

Most podcasts die after six weeks or six episodes. We've made it two years and 70 episodes; and that makes me proud. Look ma, it did it!

Season 4 begins runs September through November.

I'll see you there!



Our Favorite Quotes from this Episode

Oh help, something's on fire!


If you get an invite to have lunch with the prince, you go.


Are you afraid they're going to lock you in a dungeon?


My prediction is there will be a few blips and a few things that are a pain in the pewdinski, but I predict it will work out just fine.


I have a pain in my pewdinski too.


The more I get to know the Lindbergh history and the ripple effect; it is not all about airplanes but rather it's all about the preservation of the environment, preserving nature, and helping to develop the first heart-lung machine. There is a lot of goodness that came out of his legacy that people are not aware of.


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