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The Great Ache - Brooke Dooley and Erahm Christopher

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Season three of the Lindberghs Podcast is made possible by:


Listening Skills: The most powerful way to connect with others.

Our Favorite Quotes from Brooke Dooley and Erahm Christopher

Everyone seems to be in pain, and no one is listening. How do we heal?

~The Great Ache

Listen: To pay attention to. When you truly begin to listen, you begin to discover that everyone lives a life of pain. ~Erahm

The process of working on these project is so rewarding. It's very therapeutic for myself. There is therapy in the process...if you let it be. ~Brooke

It helped me get in touch with my emotional side [and] what pain I have in my life. With different types of trauma we can detach ourselves and go into autopilot. We want people think about how the pain in their lives can be coped with. You don't have to disassociate from it but you also don't have to let it take over. ~Erahm

A very traumatic incident in my life prompted me to explore the concepts in this work. It's interesting that it brought me back to pain. ~Eraham

Everybody has their own definition of the word pain. Most people go to the physical definition of pain and only some go to the concept of emotional pain. The Great Ache is a universal ache that we all experience. Your pain might be associated with loss, my pain might be associated with a relationship, but this Great Ache is something we all deal with. We are not alone in dealing with pain. ~Eraham

I found I was able to look at my emotional pain when my physical pain became unbearable. ~Erik

People are afraid of the pain. ~Eraham

We both realized the importance of creating content that provokes people to see a different perspective of themselves and of others, so they may have an ah-ha moment that will shift how they see themselves, and how they see others. ~Eraham

We are trying to provoke your ability to see the good inside of themselves. ~Eraham

I think the worst pain in any relationship of mine is when I don't feel heard. ~Erik

When you give someone the opportunity to be heard, it's amazing what will change. ~Erahm

Trauma is what happens when you have a difficult experience in your life without an having an empathetic witness. ~Lyn quoting Benjamin Hardy

I grew up in an era where you needed to be strong and face the bullies with strength, no tears. It was a man-culture thing. I think this can be extremely unhealthy because you stuff these things and they go underground and they manifest in other ways constantly under your skin like an infection. ~Erik

In 2020, not being okay become okay. I hope we can hold onto this lesson and remember that we are still human. ~Lyn

It's so complex. Pain, vulnerability, trauma, mental illnesses, what does it mean to be masculine and feminine is so complex. The more that we talk about these words and not be afraid of sharing how we feel is a key thing. ~Brooke

I used to be afraid of sharing what I feel because I didn't want my feelings to bother someone else. It's such a twisted way to think. Everyone should have the freedom to be able to share how they feel and not feel like they will be hurt, judged, attacked