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Dr. Pat Anderson: VTOL in 2021 Part Two

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Our Favorite Quotes from Dr. Pat Anderson

We are working in green aviation. Fuels is a hot topic again. There is one [fuel] that is looking to be promising.


Fuel is what holds you away from earth.


I'm all for being green. [To get there] you have to make a half-step first to get there. It's not only "can you do it" but it's also " is it commercially viable?"


The energy content of liquid gas is 73x more energetic per pound than a battery pack. With an airplane, weight is the whole ball of wax.


Mentioned in this Episode

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About Dr. Pat Anderson

Dr. Anderson created the technology that enables the Urban Air Mobility future. He is Director of the Eagle Flight Research Center at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University specializing in: new vehicle concepts, advanced flight controls, and novel certification strategies. He led the world’s first piston gas/electric hybrid aircraft program and was recognized as Researcher of the Year. Dr. Anderson holds an airline transport pilot rating, is a flight Instructor, and is also rated as an airframe and power plant mechanic.

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