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Eric Bartsch & Erik Lindbergh: VTOL in 2021 Part One

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Our Favorite Quotes from Eric Bartsch

For all of the things we want to do in the industry, you're going to wait a lot of time for it to happen. If you want it now it's going to take hybrid systems.


There are a lot of people captivated by the Tesla of the air. We are enamored by them and their stock price going up. The reality is there was 25 years between when the first hybrid electric cars hit the market and now. We need everything to be even higher performance and safer.


To the point of hype, I think that happens in every industry. Anything that is exciting enough to be compelling will have a reality based side to it and a hype based side to it.


It's a lot harder to do things in the real world than the virtual simulated world.


In general [working during COVID] went better than we had expected. We were able to operate, function, and keep things going. But there were times in there where it looked scary, which was true for everyone.


They [VerdeGo Aero employees] deserve a huge amount of credit for getting us through two generations of the best hybrid electric hardware in the world during covid. There's such a huge amount of dedication to getting the job done. We've got great people and that's what it comes down to. You need a strategy to get it going but you need great people to get the job done. I'm really thankful for the whole team we have on board and how they made progress doing really hard things that have never been done before.


We are becoming the premier hybrid-electric team in the world.


It's been a hard year. You've got to have a vision to get to the place on the other side. This last year there were a lot of individuals, families, and companies that were getting hit from so many directions. You've got to take time to put things together.


As a leader you have responsibility for more than yourselves at all times. You have the responsibility to not only go through it yourself, but to help others get through it too.


In December of 2019 I said okay [my health and fitness] has to change. You can't get around getting older, but the quality of life if you are able to get ahead of some of these [negative health] trends, it's a whole lot easier. Everyone's personal struggle is unique to them and getting ahead helps your quality of life immensely.


I had to get [my health] in balance without any fad diet. I had to figure out how to do this for the rest of my life in a way that worked for me. For me it was about taking the mentality of balance.


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About Eric Bartsch

Eric is the architect of the VerdeGo Aero™ business model. His background includes executive General Management experience at $250M+ businesses along with extensive expertise commercializing new innovations. Eric co-founded Powering Imagination to promote clean, quiet electric flight. At Yuneec/GWI he led development, flight test, and marketing; and he was responsible for the first formation electric aircraft team at AirVenture 2013. Eric is a commercial, instrument, airplane, and glider pilot with flight experience in electric planes.

Join Erik in his quest to Escape from Gravity.

Reignite your health and fitness with Lyn.


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