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Raising Resilience with April Avey Trabucco

About this Episode

In this episode we meet April Avey Trabucco, the Executive Director of Raising Resilience. This organization is a model for how communities can work together to increase the resilience of the youth in our communities. Learn more at

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Some of our favorite quotes

I absorbed wisdom from my uncle (Land Lindbergh) differently from my dad (Jon Lindbergh). (Erik)

I was so fortunate to have parents and adults around me who intentionally taught me wisdom and skills that helped me become resilient. (Lyn)

We’re aware of the alarming increase in anxiety and depression among our youth. "One of the oldest surveys in assessing personality traits and psychopathology is the Minnesota Multi-phasic Personality Inventory, referred to as the MMPI. It predates WWII. In 2007, San Diego State University evaluated MMPI responses from more than 77,000 high school and college students over the decades. They found that five times as many students in 2007 “surpassed thresholds” in more than one mental health category than they did in 1938. Anxiety and depression were six times more common." (Washington Post Article by Amy Ellis Nutt)

There is a level of permissiveness because we have dual-income households where parents are very busy and stressed out themselves and are not as tuned in as they either need to be or want to be for their kids. This shows up in the [city's needs assessment] data. We know we are all doing the best we can, but one of the things we can do to help this is to have organizations like raising resilience.

Parent involvement drops off in middle school. The message to parents is for kids to be autonomous so there are not as many opportunities for parents to come together. So then you don't always know who your kids friends are. But to some degree, we need to stay in touch with this.

We brought Matt Bellace in to talk about natural highs as an alternative to substance abuse.

It takes a passionate group of parents to come together and organize these events.

Some of our events were crisis driven. We had some accidents and substance abuse issues, so events would happen out of these. Then over time it became clear that we needed a consistent presence that was more prevention focused.

American Psychological Association states that resilience is created through connections, acceptance, hope, positivity, perspective, self-discovery, and self-care.

The large-scale solutions are complex and take time. On an individual basis there are resources in a community. Keep trying solutions until you find one that works.

Hearing that you are not alone in this is huge.

About April Avey Trabucco

April is the Executive Director of Raising Resilience which supports the Bainbridge Island community with parenting education, resources, and connections to help families thrive.

They do this by bringing parents together at acclaimed speaker and documentary events, small-group classes, panels, and workshops where they can learn both from experts and each other.

The Raising Resilience Vision: An empowered, vibrant community where all youth and families flourish.

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Our ask is that listeners focus on making sure their actions and words help promote bringing individuals together and not adding to the divides that are prevalent today. We can make a better world; and it starts with us.


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