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Scott James - Post Pandemic Preparedness

the lindberghs season one finale

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Our Favorite Quotes from Scott James

Relationships are so much more significant than a closetful of gear with regards to preparedness. (See The Preparedness Teams in links below.)

Almost assuredly, science is telling us this will not the last pandemic within our lifetimes. We need to take all of the learning that we have been accumulating during this one...[and] we can definitely do it better next time.

That's what this country is all about. We can learn from our mistakes, pick ourselves up by our boot straps and then do it better the next time.

The politicizing of the masks was a huge frustration, and I saw guilty parties on both sides.

Plug into what's going on with your City Council, what's going on in your neighborhood, what's going on in your town where you can have direct impact in the real world, where you can see things with your eyes, you don't have to wonder if it's fake or not because you are seeing it on a screen, and you can plug in a positive way.

Relationships are more important than gear. Don't be afraid, come from a place of love.

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About Scott James

BusinessWeek named Scott as one of America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs and Forbes Magazine profiled him as a Game Changer.

Scott was awarded a Governor’s Award of Excellence in Service by the state of Washington for his nonprofit community preparedness work. He was recently asked by FEMA to present his book at their national training symposium. It is available to purchase everywhere.

The products from his companies have been featured in publications as diverse as Oprah’s O Magazine, National Geographic, Parents Magazine, the Washington Post, Outside Magazine, and US News & World Report. His film projects range from the opening shorts at the United Nations Climate Change Summits (Producer Lyn Lear and Director Louie Schwartzberg) to the breakthrough nature-based series on Netflix (title series: “Moving Art”).

He previously worked in the high tech sector, including Visio and Microsoft, and completed degrees at Baylor University and University of Notre Dame. His training includes permaculture, Transition Towns, CERT, Wilderness First Responder, as well as mindful movement techniques such as MovNat, AcroYoga, and vinyasa yoga…all of which tend to be reflected in his work.

Scott does 1:1 sessions with top performers and small teams of senior thinkers, particularly among the social entrepreneurship tribe. You can learn more at He lives with his wife, children, and a very active Belgian Malinois on an island micro-farm in the Pacific Northwest.

Learn more about Prepared Neighborhoods

Prepared Neighborhoods

Scott James on LinkedIn

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