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Isidro Salas - 10,000 Tacos

the lindberghs season one finale

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Our Favorite Quotes from Isidoro Salas

That experience, I used to hate it; but I also knew we had an opportunity.

My parents were able to raise children in silicone valley from a food truck.

Being a Taquero is not just someone who feeds others, they are business owners, raising children, and the resourcefulness is off the chart.

I wasn't the only one who brought flies to the party.

You are the only one who can hold yourself accountable.

My dad worked 6 days a week, on the 7th day he took his family out for a ride.

When it comes to tacos, it's the tortilla that's the star. We are tortillas, we can make life anything we want.

[Immigration] is bigger than politics. You can't solve the problems of immigration with a pen in the government. You can't enjoy tacos if you're angry, we just need to treat others better. That's what if falls to. Be thankful.

Mentioned in this Episode

  • Immigration from Mexico

  • Fears of those who are undocumented in the United States

  • The life of being a child of parents who owned Mexican food truck in the 1970's , 80's 90's

  • The Podcast 10,000 Tacos hosted by Isidoro Salas

  • The Friendship Economy

  • Parent relationships and personal relationships

  • Relationship priorities

  • Favorite tacos

  • Immigration between Mexico and the United States

About Isidro Salas

Isidro is the host of the 100,000 Tacos podcast a production that highlights stories and experiences of Isidro Salas, who personally spent more than 10,000 hours not just making but, more importantly, eating tacos. Learn about the taco truck that produced a whole bunch of tacos in the 80s and 90s in a busy little corner of East San Jose. This truck was run by immigrants from Mexico who, along with their children, were part of a growing movement to sell as many tacos as they could - not to just survive, but also to be part of the American Dream.

Visit their website and see their fun merch at:

10,000 Tacos on Facebook

An Erik Lindbergh original.

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