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The Plot Against America - HBO Miniseries

Erik and Lyn's response to the upcoming HBO mini-series that debuts March 16, 2020.

About this Episode

This is our first response to the upcoming HBO mini-series based on the Alternate History novel by Philip Roth titled, The Plot Against America. This fiction account imagines an alternate American history told through the eyes of a Jewish family as Charles Lindbergh (Erik's Grandfather), an aviator-hero and "xenophobic populist, who becomes president and turns the nation towards fascism."

Obviously, grandfather was not a hater in real life, so how do we respond to this fictional story that is about to go mainstream?

If you know us, our answer won't surprise you at all.

The HBO mini-series launches March 16, 2020 and features actors Winona Ryder, John Turturro, and Zoe Kazan. Produced by David Simon and Ed Burns.

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Some of our favorite quotes

To be handed an opportunity to shine light on ways we can be better humans; that's exciting. (Lyn)

We chose to create a silver lining with this pile. (Lyn)

Charles Lindbergh had a huge positive impact on the 20th century. From technology, aviation, medicine, saving the whales, setting aside parks, and saving wildlife. (Erik)

My opinion is that HBO is spot on in choosing this series to do today. The concept of a group being persecuted is so transferable and relevant today. The message in the book is so relevant that we need to do what we can to shine a spotlight on the compelling and important messages that we believe will be in this mini-series. We need to do this even though our family name is the antagonist in this fictional series. (Lyn)

I started to get that, 1. Philip Roth is a great author. 2. I gained great empathy for the main characters of the story. (Erik)

Anytime someone says, "Charles Lindbergh, Nazi sympathizer, anti-semite" those are the things that get repeated in some quarters. And that's wrong because that kind of fear and loathing or hatred is the exact discrimination that we need to stop. We need to stop that cycle. So how do we do that? We need to use this. (Erik)

Erik: They're throwing Grandfather under the bus. Lyn: Yea, we're kind of taking one for the team here.

Our highest possible outcome here is to make sure that the next generation figures this out, doesn't discriminate against any other group and that we come together as a country. (Erik)

Erik: We need to build the love. Lyn: And we are going to build the love.

We want to use this as a platform to deepen the dialogue around our country today. (Lyn)

Engage with the right message, engage with the love so when your children's children scour your internet history that's permanently etched on the web, they'll be proud of you. (Erik)

We are making the best of this and joining the forces of good and love. (Lyn)

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