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Generations Outdoors Together with Gary Vernon

About this Episode

Hi Folks, it's Lyn.

Imagine living in a town where multiple generations can bike together regardless of age or ability. Imagine leaving your car at home and biking to work, school, and social events on paths and trails that are clean and safe. Imagine this town also having programs to provide bikes to those who don't have the cash to purchase a bike. It's sad that this seems like such a pipe dream, but Erik and I had the honor of visiting a town that is doing exactly this.

In this episode Erik and I bring you Gary Vernon, the Program Officer for the Walton Personal Philanthropy Group. Gary serves an important role in developing the biking trail systems in NW Arkansas.

About a year ago, Erik visited NW Arkansas as part of a "flying car" symposium. At the time neither of us knew anything about Bentonville, Arkansas or the surrounding area. When Erik returned home he was so full of excitement and couldn't quit telling everyone he met how fantastic of a town it was. The biking, town pride, restaurants, and art all connected by a system of trails was amazing.

A year later we were both invited back to give a talk on Entrepreneurship at the NW Arkansas technology convention. After just a few days in Bentonville I also became a convert. What an amazing city.

The city is doing many things right. They're providing jobs for the community, creating a beautiful infrastructure and centering it all around a trail system that can be used by all levels and types of bikes.

Please enjoy this episode and think about what you can do to improve the multi-generational active lifestyle needs of your cities and towns.



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Ride Day
Ride Day

Erik and his new best friend. Look closely, it's make entirely out of bike chains and bike parts.
Erik and his new best friend. Look closely, it's make entirely out of bike chains and bike parts.