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Thanksgiving Day - Special Edition

A special Thanksgiving day greeting from Erik and Lyn.

About this Episode

We (Erik and Lyn) want everyone to feel loved on Thanksgiving Day. This is our mini-episode greeting to each of you! Thank you for listening to The Lindberghs Podcast. You Rock!

Some of our favorite quotes

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. Thanks for being our listeners!

We are all faced with lots of drama and trauma in our lives, and life is hard, but I'm going to step back and not think about the giant bruise on my shoulder, the stresses about work, and just step back and think about how thankful I am to be able to walk on two feet without too much pain, and be able to be mobile and have friends and family like you.
I've had a lot of Thanksgivings where I was afraid I was going to be alone.

I am so grateful this year. Sometimes you have those years where you grit your teeth and pretend to be grateful, I've had those years. Being a single-mom 200 miles away from family; the last time I went to family got stuck in 5 hours of traffic both ways. But this year is a dream come true with family and friends.

Erik to Lyn: I'm your friend. Lyn: And your lover.

Where the hell is my life right now? And why is it bothering me so much that I might be alone for Thanksgiving?

I don't care if there's not enough seats for everyone.

Oh my gosh, we are so lucky to have people in our lives.

Erik: We've reached a ripe old age where the drama isn't so much. Lyn: Thank God!

If it's quiet in your house today, we're there with you in spirit. You're a part of our lives now.

So before I start crying....

Regardless of whatever history in the background Thanksgiving has, we are going to give it a second chance and let it be what it should be about - being grateful.

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Erik and Lyn Lindbergh are the hosts of this The Lindberghs Podcast.

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