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Hi, it's Erik and Lyn Lindbergh, we host THE LINDBERGHS podcast. Our theme is second chances and comeback stories that spark personal growth and action.

Life is intense, aging is hard, and it seems like every time we turn a corner there's another challenge to overcome. But even though hardships keep coming the key is to stand up, brush ourselves off, and move forward. How we move through challenges determines where we land.

Life is full of second chances.

  • When Erik was 30, he couldn't walk without a cane.

  • When I was in my early 30's I attended seven funerals of close family.

  • Erik and I have both failed and succeeded at multiple businesses.

  • This is our second marriage.

“I have yet to meet a person who hasn't experienced some form of failure or hardship. Their comeback stories inspire me to create my own." - Lyn Lindbergh

As we reflect on our life together, the love we share, and the interesting people we meet, a recurring theme of "second chances" keeps arising. Everyone has hardships. Everyone has failures. The gold is discovered in the stories of people transitioning from grief to joy, hardship to peace, and failure to success.

“I'm fortunate to have gotten a second chance at a physical life. I don't know if I'll get a third chance. This compels me to push through barriers and live my life to the fullest right now." - Erik Lindbergh

The more we can learn about how people move through hardships the better equipped we are to also bounce back when life bounces us.

Fast-forward to today.

Erik and I have been wanting to do a big project together. We've tossed all kinds of crazy ideas around from guided mountain bike tours, to mushroom foraging with cooking lessons. Then one afternoon the vision hit us.

Ah ha!

We were living it.

Second chances.

We should co-host a podcast about second chances in life. We can explore the steps our friends took to move through their stumbles and crashes. We can't always get back on the exact same track, but we can move forward in some way regardless of what happens.

After cracking our knuckles and shins* on websites and recordings the dream is alive.

Introducing The Lindberghs Podcast

We are thrilled welcome you to "The Lindberghs" podcast!

The podcast launches on May 20, 2019. This day is the 92nd anniversary of Erik's grandfather's historic flight from New York to Paris. We have just eight more years until the 100th anniversary and we welcome you to join us in this epic journey.

We are co-hosting a weekly podcast of stories that will inspire you to look for second chances in your life.

Or third chances.

Or fourth... ;-)

Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and you won't miss out!

TEDx Seattle, Washington

Telluride, Colorado

Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington

(*true dat!)

Listen now:


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