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Season Two Premiere

the lindberghs season one finale

Season two of the Lindberghs Podcast is made possible by:


Listening Skills: The most powerful way to connect with others.

Mentioned in this Episode

  • 2020 United States Elections

  • Eric Rasmussen: Malignant Disinformation episode 41

  • Become an expert in spotting misinformation. Most misinformation has elements of truth included. Here's a few examples of where we should be cautious. - Photos shared with no direct reference to the source. - Media quoting tweets from the public. - Videos: They are edited, out of context, and designed to outrage. - When someone speaks on behalf of their enemy. (eg: Political parties saying the other party wants to destroy the country.)

  • Go to the source itself.

  • Listen to others carefully is empowering.


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the lindberghs seasone one finale