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Summer of 2020, Special Edition.

the lindberghs season one finale

About this Episode

Hi folks, it's Lyn here.

This is our 51st episode and a special edition during our off season.

Our season break started two weeks before the passing of George Floyd and the United States shifted it's focus from COVID-19 to Equality.


Erik and I didn't want to maintain radio silence during this time so we dusted off our microphones and had a deep conversation about current events. We talk about COVID, Black Lives Matter, our police, fake information, and masks.

So, my friends this is a truly special episode.

Until season two...

Love you more!


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Mentioned in this Episode

Follow along as you listen to bring your listening experience to life.

  • Fake news

  • George Floyd

  • Black Lives Matter

  • Building Bridges

  • Radical Right and Radical Left

  • Information Blocking

  • Bots

  • Fact Checking

  • Facebook Ad Revenue

  • No Profit for Hate

  • Talking to The Other

  • The National Divide

  • Eric Rasmussen

  • Freedom of Speech

  • Nursing Goats

  • Listening Skills

  • What Lyn learned about listening after publishing 200 podcasts.

  • Season 2 begins in September 2020

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the lindberghs seasone one finale