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Season 4 - Season Premier

Season four of the Lindberghs Podcast is made possible by:

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About this Episode

Hi, it's Erik Lindbergh. Welcome to the season 4 premier of The Lindberghs Podcast! This season we are organizing our theme around the idea of the "Ripple Effect.” This is the idea that our work creates ripples that reverberate outward from our lives that touch, affect and inspire other people, and their work in turn ripples outward.

My Grandparents both created ripples that spread around the world and are still rippling today. This season gives us an opportunity to explore some of those ripples and the people who are creating positive change in the world today. But life isn’t always a still pond, sometimes life rough and we struggle to breathe and stay afloat. Sometimes we cause negative ripples - does that define who we are? Why do people still call my Grandfather an antisemite? What is cancel culture? What happens when we rewrite history? What ripples are we each making today? How can you make a difference in the world today?

As I write this I am grieving the death of my father Jon and quite literally struggling to breathe above the turbulent waters in my recent life. It helps me to move forward knowing I have things to look forward to and to strive for. How can I make strong ripples and inspire others to do the same? How can we balance advancing technology with preservation of the environment? Our future literally depends upon what we do consciously today and what we plan to do tomorrow.

In many ways this is the most exciting season yet. We have a formal partner in The Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation (which makes perfect sense), and we have guests that are leading edge thinkers, writers, hysterians (a pun at guests James Hansen and Frances Levines expense ;-) explorers and even a centenarian Max Gurney who is our honorary ambassador to Monaco and introduced me to HSH Prince Albert II who has agreed to become a centennial circle member helping with the 100th anniversary of my Grandfather's (hysteric ;-)) 1927 New York to Paris flight. I hope that this season gives you inspiration and vision to help you spread positive ripples outward in your life. Perhaps to have a positive influence on someone or make the connections for someone that can change someone else’s life for the better. That is my hope and our payload - Enjoy!


Erik Lindbergh

Our Favorite Quotes from this Episode

He was a great amazing quiet guy who chose the sea instead of the sky. [referencing Jon Lindbergh]


The gift of the sickness reminded me that all of the other drama in my life doesn't matter without my health.


When I look at what we've dealt with this summer of 2021 I realize that everything is solvable. I get a lot of comfort knowing issues can be solved.


Mentioned in this Episode

Season 4 premier image of erik and lyn smiling

New episode, image of phone playing the podcast episode.

Phone with text of one person asking, "Hey, did you hear the Lindbergh launched Season 4?" Reply, "What!?! Nope. I'm going to listen right now."

Quote by Erik Lindbergh: The gift of sickness reminded me that all of the other drama in my life doesn't matter without my health.

Quote by Lyn Lindbergh: Knowing it's solvable brings comfort.

About Erik and Lyn Lindbergh

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