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Erik & Lyn are Reemerging

Season four of the Lindberghs Podcast is made possible by:

Erik and Lyn by river with puppy Nanu

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About this Episode

Hi there friends, it's Lyn.

If you follow our podcast to learn more about us, this is the episode for you.

In this season break episode Erik and I talk about how we are reemerging from hibernating through Covid. We share some of our struggles in the past year, our thoughts on the housing crisis in the United States and how it impacted our move this summer, how I've been working with the blind in a unique setting that most would never imagine.



Our Favorite Quotes from this Episode

Lyn: Is that still top secret? Are we announcing it?

Erik: I'm announcing it now.

Lyn: Do you have skeletons in the closet?

Erik: Nope, nope. Don't look. I didn't bury anything in the backyard either.

Lyn: Ah, field trip!

Erik: If you see freshly turned dirt it's for plants.

Lyn: The first year in Covid...

Erik: That was the honeymoon phase.

Lyn: Hey don't tell people I chew the legs of the furniture.

Erik: Only when you're lonely.

Lyn: They'll think I'm weird.

Lyn: I've heard squirrels are tasty.

Erik: Is it time for a Tarzan yell? I knew this was the moment I had been preparing for my entire life.

Mentioned in this Episode

  • Electric Aircraft

  • Lyn working with the blind

  • The Forever Flight Alliance

  • Clubhouse

  • The housing crisis in Seattle and Portland

  • Erik and Lyn's move the summer of 2021

  • Florida mask anti-mandate

New episode Erik and lyn reemerging

Image of lyn and erik by river with puppy Nanu.

About Erik and Lyn Lindbergh

Erik and Lyn are the co-hosts of The Lindberghs Podcast. Learn more about Erik at: and Lyn at:


Join Erik in his quest to Escape from Gravity.

Reignite your health and fitness with Lyn.

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