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Diane Murphy - News Media and History

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About this Episode

Hi friends, it's Lyn.

When I first started dating Erik almost eight years ago I did what any smart women does, I Googled him. Among his search results were a TEDx talk, a Wikipedia page calling him an American Aviator, and images of him standing on the wing of a small airplane raising his arms in victory. My favorite image was of him laying on his stomach on the ground next to that same plane giving the ground a kiss.

Over the coming months I learned that these were images of his 75th Anniversary flight where he flew a single engine plane from New York to Paris solo to recreate his Grandfather's Flight. This flight was one piece of a larger story that helped jump-start the private space flight industry that we are seeing often in the news today.

In today's episode, I had the opportunity to interview Erik along side his publicist Diane Murphy. I met Diane at my first XPRIZE Visioneering event. At the time I was finishing my 20th year as a corporate employee in a soul-sucking job. The people at Visioneering were so much more alive, vibrant, and excited to network and connect. These were my people! It was such a contrast to my current corporate management role where I constantly felt like I had to keep my personality partially under-wraps because I was too much, too loud, too optimistic, too happy. Diane was one of the amazing people I met and it was at this event that I realized I wasn't a complete weirdo. There was a world filled with humans that are full of life who also believed that problems are solvable and optimism is critical. It felt great!

I went into this interview with Diane and Erik thinking it would be a rehash of history I had already heard a billion times. I left the interview reminded of how important human connections are and how making connections with others is what typically changes the trajectory of our lives. I left feeling a greater sense of accountability to my own ability to help others make connections in their own lives.

This interview has pushed me to think more about the larger topic of networking and how the advantage goes to the person who has the connections. Proximity is everything. It reminded me to take the connections I have seriously and to help others also make connections with others. I've been thinking about this a lot.

I hope you enjoy this interview and it also inspires you to look at the resources and connections you have and remember they are powerful tools to help others make the word a better place.



Our Favorite Quotes from this Episode

What do I do? I chase stories. When you look at a story, you have to look at different tiers. When you add the personal element into a story, this is what makes the story.


The numbers were staggering. We did 2,000 print stories, 1,700 radio and TV stories. This was before Social Media which was amazing. There were 1,000 internet stories which is amazing because this was before people really used the internet.


We started practicing for your interviews. We went through every single possible question. I wasn't trying to change Erik's response, I was trying to get him to have clarity with his answers.


That's the value of practicing in advance. You never should have to be thinking in the moment. Practice helps this.