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I'm thrilled to have published a five time award winning book, COUCH to ACTIVE. This message of finding exercise in the context of reality, compassion, and loving your life is resonating big time. We are tired of the flawed fitness industry leaving us feeling like an out-of-shape failure. This is the book that guides people back to exercise with a smile despite personal and health challenges.

Lyn is offering a personalized signed copy of her book to three winners from a drawing that will occur on August 1, 2019. All subscribed to our free newsletter by the end of July will be included in the drawing.

Book Awards

2019 Book Excellence Awards: Health & Fitness Winner

2018 Best Book Awards: Health & Fitness Finalist Winner

33rd New York Book Show : Best Cover Design Award

2019 International Book Awards: Finalist in three categories:

Health: General

Health: Diet & Exercise

Health: Aging/50+


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August 2019

Lyn Lindbergh's 6x Award winning book, COUCH to ACTIVE.

Winners to be announced in August email.


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