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Can you guess if Erik or Lyn like New Year's Resolutions?

Find out if you are right.

Can you guess if Erik or Lyn like New Year's Resolutions?

About this Episode

On this episode, we share our New Year's resolutions, or in Erik's case, not resolutions. We want to hear about your resolutions and how you are going to claim a second chance at something in your life.

Some of our favorite quotes

Erik: I don't like New Year's Resolutions. If I'm going to do it, I need to just do it.

Lyn: I love New Year's Resolutions. It works for me. One year I gave up chewing my fingernails and another year I walked 2016 miles in the year 2016.

Lyn: In the year 2020 I am going to exercise every single day, unless I'm in bed sick, minimum 20 minutes.

Lyn: Going public and putting my ego on the line works really well for me. I'm giving anyone listening permission to check in with me and see how it's going. Super motivating.

Erik: For the New Year, I don't feel attachment to making a big change on New Years but I can see how it would be hugely valuable.

Erik: I'm going to make a bigger effort to reach out and be curious and listen to the people who aren't in my natural easy-to-gather around the fire pit tribe, to really hear them. I do this anyway, but to really engage on a level that's beyond.

Erik: There are people and forces who benefit from us being motivated by fear; being motivated by things outside of our normal sphere and I think those kind of politics don't benefit us. When we don't listen. When we encircle our own tribe so hard that we can't hear where other people are coming from. When we can't hear their truths, that may be the most existential problem of our time. But we are not going to do it well if we are tribalized and polarized.

The challenge is to listen and understand where they are coming from rather than marginalizing the other by putting them into a box.

Lyn: Your goal is so noble, mine is simply "I'm going to exercise." But the last year and a half I've had a lot of health challenges. This year it's more poignant for me because I've regained a lot of health and my body seems to be ready to do this. I'm ready to regain strength and I know regaining is very hard. It sucks.

Lyn: When you feel better it's easier to do more. I call it "my body being able to keep up with my spirit." When you have chronic illnesses its incredibly hard. Plus it's even harder to imagine what it's like if you haven't been there.

Lyn: Go-go gadget peace making arms. Erik: Uh oh, we're going to start a cult.

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Can you guess if Erik or Lyn like New Year's Resolutions?


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